What Options Are Used For Residual Income?

In the Virgin Islands, residual or passive income offers additional earnings without effort. The income streams help consumers supplement their earnings or generate options for savings. By setting up multiple residual income streams, the consumer could maximize their earning potential. A consultant explains all options for generating and increasing residual income.

High Yield Savings Accounts

A consultant reviews all banks and lenders that provide high yield savings accounts. The investments require a predetermined deposit amount to start the account. More popular options aren’t local to the consumer, but they offer complete access to the account online. The consultant explains all requirements of the account and helps the consumer get started.

Buying Stock Shares for Dividend Income

Stocks and shares are available through a variety of corporation investments and ventures. The consumer purchases the stocks based on the advice of their consultant. The investment opportunities are reviewed according to their track records. The consumer purchases a set amount of shares at the current rate. During each quarter, the earnings for the stocks and/or shares present the consumers with dividend income.

Crowdfunded Real Estate Transactions

Crowdfunded real estate transactions involve several individuals who invest in the same project. The consultant presents several real estate projects in which the consumer could invest. The purpose of crowdfunding is to generate a high value to get the project started. Once the business opens, the individuals who invested in the project receive a return based on the success of the venture. Some consumers get started with a low amount such as $500.

Renting Space in Your Home

Retirees or empty nesters generate residual income by renting out space in their property. Typically, the agreements offer the tenant a bedroom and access to communal areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. The monthly rent gives the property owner income that is guaranteed by a rental agreement.

In the Virgin Islands, residual income streams are based on viable investments. The products start with savings accounts that generate higher than average interest. The purchase of stocks or shares from major corporations increase the odds of dividends. Crowdfunding allows consumers to become a part of a major project and generate a return if the project is successful. Consumers who want to learn more about these ventures contact David Johnson Cane Bay now.